Breaking Free from Self-Defeat: Embrace Your Inner Light


I knew it was time for me to break free from the cycle of self-sabotage and to start embracing my true potential. I really had to  stop settling for less than what I deserved and elevate my standards.

Of course, it took me a long while to realize all of this. This kind of self-awareness doesn’t just happen overnight; it’s built up over the years through experiences, reflections, and a willingness to grow. 

My inner voice was telling me it was time to shed the layers of doubt and insecurity that have clouded my perception of myself. I am no longer defined by the fleeting opinions of others or the superficial measures of success that society deems worthy.

My worth stems from a far deeper wellspring, an inner radiance that illuminates my path and guides me towards my true calling.


I was no longer seeking external validation but rather the divine guidance that resides within. Always praying for the strength to overcome my struggles, to rise above my circumstances, and to embody my true potential.


I Acknowledge the challenges I have faced, the dysfunctional childhood, the broken family, the early motherhood. These experiences shaped me, but they do not define me . I am so much more than my past.


Within us lies an abundance of goodness, a radiant light that even the darkest places cannot extinguish. It’s this inner light that has guided me  through tumultuous times, offering solace and strength.


Nurture this inner light, protect it from the shadows that seek to dim its brilliance.  Maintaining inner peace is a priceless currency, an investment in your well-being that yields immeasurable dividends.


So, shed the self-doubt, cast aside the limitations, and embrace your true potential. Let your inner light shine brightly, illuminating your path towards a life of fulfillment and abundance.


Embracing Growth: Stepping into the Fire of Self-Transformation

I once stood at the threshold of greatness, yet I succumbed to the allure of mediocrity. I allowed fear and doubt to hold me back, choosing a path of comfort over one of challenge and transformation. But I’ve come to realize that suffering is a choice, not an inevitability.

For it is within that discomfort, that unsettling feeling of unfamiliarity, that we discover the path towards self-actualization. It is by venturing into the fire of our fears, confronting our vulnerabilities, and pushing beyond our perceived limitations that we truly begin to live.  So,  embrace the transformative power of growth. 

We have the power to break free from the shackles of our past, from the darkness that once held us captive. We don’t have to revisit those painful memories, nor should we shy away from the discomfort that accompanies growth.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of self reflection xoxo


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