Imagine feeling drawn to someone who hurts you. That’s the confusing thing about trauma bonding. It’s like being stuck in a rollercoaster of bad and good, where the highs make you forget the lows, and the lows keep you hooked on the hope of another high.

This can happen in any relationship, not just lovey-dovey ones. Think friends who tear you down but then build you back up, or even family members who treat you poorly but you keep going back for scraps of affection.

It’s a powerful connection, woven from a mix of fear, hope, and confusion. The abuser might be charming one minute and cruel the next, leaving you feeling like you’re walking on eggshells. But somehow, you stay, hoping things will get better, afraid to leave because of the good times or the threats they make.

This “bond” isn’t healthy. It’s a trap that keeps you in a cycle of pain and manipulation. But breaking free is possible. It takes time and support, but you can learn to recognize the signs and step away from the rollercoaster, finding healthy relationships where ups and downs don’t mean abuse.

Food for thought.

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