Unmasking Perfection: Embracing Flaws, Finding Freedom in the Depths of Self

No more hiding! I’m stepping into the sunshine.

Not chasing empty things anymore.

My love and loyalty belong to me now, strong and true.

No waiting to be saved, I’m living life bright and new.

I see my beauty, I’m enough, just as I am.

Brave and bold, with grace like a dancing lamb.

My spirit shines, a story yet untold,

Healthy and happy, with pockets full of gold.

Love flows around me, warm and sweet like rain,

Wherever I go, love blooms again and again.

Standing tall in my own light, bright and clear,

My power is back, my future drawing near.

Unstoppable, with God by my side,

His whispers guide me, like the ocean’s tide.

Thank you, God, for your love and endless grace,

For lessons learned and the strength to embrace.

Free to fly, to fall, to grow and rise,

Self-care whispers love in sweet replies.

This is real, this freedom I hold tight,

Shining forever, a beautiful, radiant light.

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