Visualization: The Secret Weapon to Achieve Goals

” If you can think it, you can be it. ” Ralph Waldo

Visualization is the Renewing of your mind. Every day is a day to think your way to a better tomorrow. Clarity through visualization. You get to step into your gifts, your intuitive gifts and get into alignment with love.   


Whenever we are faced with challenges we have the ability to sort out solutions.  When we are overcome by fear, wanting to control, instead of surrendering the control.  

If you are passionate about something, make it a reality

Failure to listen to your inner voice and you end up chasing the wrong things.  Second guessing yourself only brings you more self-doubt.  Random thoughts may or may not be intuitive. 


I used to keep things inside for fear of ruffling feathers.  I used to go along to get along. -“unknown”

 Be your own Peace 

Become at peace with observing your life.   Let the shifts and changes move you forward in the right direction.   Sometimes becoming peaceful seems difficult when we don’t want to part with the traumatic bonds we find ourselves entangled in.   

Becoming your peaceful self requires looking at how you respond to situations you have no control over.  Absorb, but do not engage where you once were loud and obnoxious.  The peace stays with you. 


Practice Acceptance. Be okay with everything in your life up to this moment. Accept all the things you cannot change and be ready to create change.   

Keeping the peace- stop complaining.   We become confused when we complain.  We miss the point.  The journey, how we navigate it, (while in our little suit) is our greatest strength.  

Let people off the hook for once, or twice.  Just let it go.   The apology that never came, probably never will come.   Disassociate yourself from them.  Unapologetically, cancel that.  It’s an unnecessary weight to have to carry.  


Find satisfaction in all you do. 

Practice mindfulness daily.  Intentionally use a portion of your day to keep still and just allow yourself to be here and now.   Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily within 10 minutes of getting up and out of the bed.  Give your body and mind the time to realign with the goals set out for the day.  Be intentional when setting up your days, don’t visualize any stress and there will not be none.   

Stepping outside of your comfort zone, (the box) as we often call it, is when the true evolution starts.  When we become aware of our surroundings including disrespect, of ourselves and from others we no longer care to be found in the same place.  We need to become the observer, and not a participant.  We can easily miss an opportunity, when we are not presently here.   When we are present we don’t make the same mistake.

It’s common to use people to have your needs met.   We become desperate in our thinking, believing lies – limiting beliefs of what can or cannot be possible.  This comes after establishing your why.  Why do I have this desire in my heart?

  Is this coming from a place of Ego or is this coming from my heart.  The seeds we plan with intention, do come to fruition.  They may not be visible to you in the near future, but when you least expect it, you see the harvest  

Do soul work!  

Detaching and unplugging when necessary.  It’s all good to be around the tribe as long as there is no drama or anything negative that could potentially trigger you.  Triggers take away our peace.  Have a clear understanding of where you are, what feels liberating to you and go for it. 

Unresolved situations are no good because they will arise at unexpected times.  The conflicts within ourselves, we don’t recognize, are the triggers. 

Comparing yourself to other people is also not a good idea if you want to maintain peace.  The spirit of comparison  

can quickly turn into coveting the lives of others, not only takes away your peace but your power as well.  

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